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Sunday, October 4, 2009


[Vanished, By Alton Gansky]
Vanished is a military mystery that deals with an experimental project that seemingly went bad and now an entire base in the middle of a desert is missing. Vanished---without a trace. But no one who is anyone is saying anything about the problem which happened weeks ago and Admiral Stanton is not happy. He wants answers and facts, for them to proverbially un-handcuff him so he can do what he does best, get to the bottom of the problem. Instead, a crack team of commandos comes raining down on the base one dark night while their investigation is on with orders to shoot everyone there. The attack team is told that the base has been taken over by a copycat enemy who will look like them.  With not so ‘friendly’ fire raining down, can they survive long enough to solve the mystery, and will it even matter then?

I think this book played a bit too much on the cliché idea of an experimental project going awry and people disappearing.  Also, the plot left a little something to be desired and this “other” dimension was a bit of a disappointment. Still Mr. Gansky salvages the story at least partially with his again exceptional characters. My hat is off to him there.

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