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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Proponent of Chivalry Driven Euthanasia?

Art by Edward Blair Leighton(Thanks for the FYI Michelle!)

You may or may not have seen this photo before. I have personally seen it on Facebook many times over the last few months and been frustrated at the lack of protest from believers. The photo promotes a not so subtle ideology that is wrong and completely unchristian. Completely.  Last night laying in bed, I was stirred to write a response, here it is. I'll show you where it goes wrong and how.  

I'm not going to protest chivalry and attack the idea of laying down our lives for others; the key word there is others not women. But I'm not going to defend it either, and get bogged down in chivalrous dribble that leaves girls sighing and waiting for that knight in shining armor to rescue them and right the world, or leaves guys looking around every corner for a beautiful and helpless girl to rescue.