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Friday, September 4, 2009

Beyond The Reflection's Edge

[Beyond the Reflections Edge, by Bryan Davis]

A mere review can't do this amazing book justice, it is a must own and must read for anyone. This book about Nathan Shepherd and all that befalls him is the best book I have ever read. The morals of the story are outstanding and an incredible encouragement for young men and women to live godly lives. The twists and turns this book takes make it all the more real and the Christian backdrop of Nathan makes it a spiritually upbuilding read and an outstandingly interesting read. I was blown away. Unbelievable describes this book well, it is a must read.

[Synopsis with spoilers]


The plot is intriguing, it is clear the characters are real to the author and it is even more clear that they are real to myself. Nathan is swept up in a a plot to destroy three earths by the bringing about of Interfinity by Mictar and his stalker inter dimensional henchman. After Nathan's parents are killed at a performance and an attempt is made on his life Nathan's guardian Clara is forced to drop Nathan off at his father's old friends' house, also the house of the friends' daughter. 


Kelly bounces into his life, almost literally. Her father is a basketball fan and player by choice and love, she is forced to be both. She is a girl with a crushed heart and innocence she fears is gone. Nathan is an entirely new kind of person to her, and she in contrast, is entirely the kind of person he would not chose as a close friend. An adventure intertwines their futures as Mictar stalks the three earths in hopes of stopping Nathan and his quest to save the worlds and continues to seek to take Kelley's eyesight and life energy. Neither of which dampen the enthusiasms with which he ventures on their quest or the strength with which she interprets the Supplicant's and their evil counterpart.

I hate to stop here, the story contains almost infinite depth but I shall resist giving more spoilers. End note: I loved the book. Absolutely stunning, amazing, and literary genius by Mr. Davis.




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