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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit Andy Andrews

The Final Summit is a self proclaimed:“Quest to find the one principle that will save humanity.” A seventy five year old man, David Ponder, is whisked away by the archangel Gabriel to a “summit” to decide the fate of humankind. Others who have traveled throughout time, as he has, are present as well. Meeting with David are figures such as Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and a cacophony of others. David Ponder presides over this prestigious group as the leader of the summit. He is in fact, the only person from the ‘current age’! The question they have all been summoned for is posed:“What is the one solution that will save humanity?”

The fate of humanity lies in the balance as the summit’s best and brightest join heads on the answer. Moreover, to complicate matters, the answer is  two words long.

My favorite part of The Final Summit was learning bits of information about the fellow five Travelers that were selected to aid him in his decision. The quotes and pithy phrases said in the discussions definitely bear thinking about. Instead of being a light read the book turned out to be one that sent my mental cogs turning!  

My only disappointment about the book was the answer to the question was(spoiler!) “do something”.(end spoiler!) When, at least to me, it seemed that it would have much more of a spiritual ending---especially in a meeting judged by an angel!

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