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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oracles of Fire

 [Oracles of Fire by Bryan Davis]

Oracles of Fire:  Mara is an under born, never seeing the light of day. Her life is all about mining looking for more ore, until—something changes, her intelligence is shown and she is upgraded. But they never upgrade them, why is she so special. She is upgraded to working on the growth chambers, Nephilem are their crop and and destruction is their goal. Morgan Le Faye is back in this first installment in the Oracles of Fire series! And just as seductively evil , her side kick, Naamah. Who  is still sowing her seeds of destruction and songs of horror. 

Acacia is Mara’s friend, like mirror images of each other, silver hair and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. Unknown to the pair is that they are both the Oracles of Fire long since prophesied. But it's not unknown to Morgan, and she  knows the whole truth. No one can shed their blood without dying, and they can’t be murdered only betrayal can destroy them. And so the first betrayal begins, Mara and Acacia are found with bred loaves to feed the others and Acacia takes the blame willingly. Without Mara stepping forward to except the blame, it is betrayal without trying to. Instantly Morgan throws Acacia off the cliff into the lava flow gone forever. Forever gone....Except—for the screams that haunt Mara’s dreams. Now alone underground without her growth twin Mara feels abandoned…and then she finds the Eye of the Oracle—and then the real adventure begins.

Elam Son of Shem was taken as a child, taken by Morgan to work the brick mines, but something else is afoot. One night Mara finds out the “mouse” that she thought she fed with leftovers(though they never have enough to truly share) is a boy from teh brick mines. The first boy she’s ever really been in contact with, if seeing their fingers as contact. He needs food, and they have little enough to spare. One night when stew is the only food they get Mara feeds him by hand, and a bond is formed—and the second tool of betrayal is readied.

We also learn the beginning of the dragons, Samzaya, and even how Morgan is killed and yet evil continues after the flood. The book was extremely good and I am a huge fan of Mara/Now Sapphire Aida. I can't wait to see what the series holds as it continues and if her spawn, "Yereq" will be good or evil.

The books endearing characters carried me along with the story easily. They were likeable, believable, and the back story for some of the other books of Mr. Davis was awesome! It was interesting how the biblical account was woven into scripture, not my favorite thing, but definitely a piece of this book . And the plot? Definitely original!
I enjoyed the book, the characters, and definitely the length of the book! Man this thing is a whopper!! Thanks Mr. Davis :)

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Goldarrow said...

Hey Millard,
I have one thing I would like to point out on the above review.
For being such a long review I don't have a clue what your view is. You just re-told most of the story but didn't tell me if you liked it or not.

Just a thought, GA