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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Circle of Seven

[Circles of Seven by Bryan Davis]

This book to be quite honest is really weird!! Not a bad weird, just weird. Billy and Bonnie are called by a member of an old order of knights to perform a mission. What mission? To rescue the captives in the Seven Circles. The problem? The enemy has "captives"they want set free too.

The books themes are interestingly played out, Love, Supreme Sacrifice, and a host of  other noble virtues. First of all, I'd say this book was the ground laying for a major shift for book four. Devin is no longer a factor in the story, neither is Palin. Now Morgan and her demonic host are out to destroy the dragons and take over the world.

Second, this book has some really wacko spiritual themes, nothing I could say is straight up wrong, but
dealing with Hades, or levels of Hades(I couldn't tell which) was highly strange. Maybe it's just because I am a theology stickler. In contrast though,  I have a friend that doesn't think anything about it. Anyway......Some of the parts were really powerful,but for me, but the strangeness of certain points made it hard for me to fully enjoy it.

So why don't you give it a try?Hope you like it! :)

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1 comment:

Goldarrow said...

Um you have more then one friend who doesn't care to much about the biblical views in fiction stories. It has to be majorly mixed up for me to think twice about most of that kind of thing. My view is that it is fiction and most of it doesn't need to make me grow in my faith. (I have my Bible for that) when I read a Christian fiction I want to get a break from normal life and relax. Not triple check every view in the book.
Now is that good? Most likely not but it is who I am.

Nice review though!