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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Certain Jeopardy

[Certain Jeopardy by Alton Gansky]

Certain Jeopardy: This was quite a change from my normal reading, I do minimal military reading mainly from the lack of drive to read it, but also the language and other content. I am ecstatic to say this book passed with flying colors, in fact, it actually raised the bar in my mind for military fiction. I am wholeheartedly impressed with the way violence, and language were handled as well as other issues that might come up. Yet, it didn't give me this mambie-pambie warm and fuzzy read. Ok---I'll admit it I did feel warm and fuzzy when some SEALs showed up, but still ;)

This book was deep on all levels, it examined some of the problems that can come up when the fathers are gone from the home for weeks at a time with an hours notice. The hurt it can cause a family, but also the growth it causes in the hearts of the loved ones, it was definitely some food for thought. It even touched on what it's like from the kids perspective.

The plot in a nutshell: 6 men, the best of the best are about to go on a Black opp mission to do reconnaissance on a building in South America. They thought it might be a training ground for terrorists but as they gain more insight into the situation things change. The mission is scrapped and a new one thrown on the table, they need to rescue a nuclear physicist with an idea to help condense the waste from the nuclear power process--A by product of his idea is uranium ripe for nuclear capabilities. If they can't capture him, don't let him stay in enemy hands--alive that is.

The story was a little too slow moving I felt at some points, and I had a hard time connecting to most of the soldiers, not an impossible time, just harder than normal. I will forever think of Colt though when I think of this book, he was awesome :D

This book is a great read for anyone with military reading taste.

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Noah said...

Wow! All these Alton Gansky books! You must have been reading them for a while! Have you read Zero-G yet? I hope to read more of his when I have time.

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Yes I have! I should punch out a review for that as well :) I read all the Alton Gansky books above in a day, *phew* hard work!! He is amazing :D