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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tears of a Dragon

[Tears of a Dragon by Bryan Davis]

Synopsis:The watchers are unleashed and there aren't enough dragons to stop them--yet. Billy and Bonnie set forth on a quest of a singular purpose, to save his father, and to save dragons locked in a place called "Dragon's rest". Ashley goes on a quest of her own, in an act of sacrifice she steals the Merlin II and flies to meet Morgan's demands. They hold Pebbles and Mrs. Foley, and they want Devin back out of of the Candlestone and into the dragon body. Unfortunately--Or fortunately Walter stows along in the back of the plane not to be left out of the excitement.

Review:This book was my favorite in the series, I liked the ending...even if I cannot figure out if Billy still has his dragon powers or not!! Also it seemed to have a good conclusion and Morgan was killed, yay!! Some of the quotes in the book were really nice, just straight up powerful. I also liked how the dragons got a chance to be human at the end, otherwise I'd have really felt they got a raw deal now being hunted by the army and news. The relics the series uses, Excalibur, Pendants, etc. really add a lot to the story and are woven in believably and well. It had a bit of romance in the book, though not dissimilar with the other books in that sense. It was more pronounced in this one such as the question and corresponding statement, "Are you related?"--"We are sorta promised". It was strange to have Merlin's wife rescued along with the dragons, but done well enough it worked for me. I loved it  how the professor's wife came back!

I really came to love all the players in this series, especially Walter and Ashley, two seriously funny and interesting characters..

I really enjoyed this book, maybe you will too!

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Goldarrow said...

You really need to put a "spoiler" disclaimer at the top of this review but otherwise well done.

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Thanks, but I actually have a spoiler disclaimer above them all.

Goldarrow said...

*looks for it*

I still don't see it... I would make it easy to see. Just an idea.

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Look at the header to my review page :)