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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eternity's Edge

 [Eternity's Edge by Bryan Davis]

Eternity’s Edge is the second installment in the thrilling and wonderful, Echoes from the Edge series. Bryan Davis whipped up a masterpiece in this book of suspense and mystery, filled with the true love of friends. Again Mr. Davis kept me guessing and urging the story onward(in a good way). This is not a book to start late at night--unless you want to give up sleep to read it! The musical tie-ins with this book just got stronger and really added a cool dimension to the story. New characters pop up as well as our favorites. One of the best second book in the series books I've read.


Kelly is in the hospital from Mictar’s last assault on her life essence, leaving her vision blurry and Kelly half blind. But even a hospital isn’t a safe place for her. Kelly gets two visitors simultaneously, Mictar and his life sucking persona, and Nathan making sure she’s alright.  When Mictar makes a play on her life, Nathan tries to stop the dimensional stalkers’ revenge, but even he is no match for Mictar’s power.  Not hearing anything from inside the door during Mictar’s motor suspension, Tony barges in tries to intervene. But Mictar only pauses for a second before removing Tony from the fight. With only a radio for help they blast classical in an attempt to cut through Mictar’s hellish tunes, and barely succeed.

With this intensely gripping start  to kick off the plot, Mr. Davis brings to bear a powerful second book in the series. The book is woven spanning multiple dimensions and countless lives that will never be the same. The search for Nathan’s parents continues amongst inter-dimensional portals with the mirrors.With the right song, is it true they could go anywhere? During the uses of Quattro, Nathan and Kelly being to realize something is different about the Quattro mirror, even wrong?  It does more than it seems it should , but doesn’t always react the same, it’s not predictable...it’s almost as if it has a mind of its’ own.

On a trip, with the now young girl Francesca, Nathan is taken into the realm of Supplicants and guardians by their musical serenade. With his song they are transported to the land of dream and song. On their voyage he meets his supplicant, Scarlet. His intercessor. He is her love, and she intercedes for him with her life’s entire passion, but what will the cost be? Could the cost be her life? Patar arrives time and time again spouting cryptic passages to the son of Solomon. His words seem to make no sense to Nathan...But even as strangely as they sound, doubts come to Nathan. Do they make too much sense? Is he really being selfish, about his parents, his wants, Kelly? What about the supplicants, do they really have to die? Patar seems to think so, is it just more doom and gloom prophecies? What would Mr. Shepherd do? Nathan is driven by doubts that confuse his choices trying to keep his father’s choices his choices. Could Francesca be right, what if Nathan needs to stop looking to what his father would do and try to figure out what he should do.

Kelly’s past life still comes back to haunt her, and can she overcome it? Can she still help Nathan search for his parents? What does she think about Nathan? About his ideals, will she wait? Kelly will sacrifice everything for him, but when will Nathan tell her about the Lord, and the redemption found there?

 Nathan’s parents, are still on the run from Mictar, will they be found? Nathan, Clara, and Kelly’s counterparts and slowly being destroyed in the different worlds, will they be next?

Check out this awesome book by Mr. Davis!! It’s a must for your bookshelf.

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Goldarrow said...

hehehe After I got tired of reading this book I was dreading picking it back up.

Thankfully your review tells me enough of the book so that I can just move on to book 3! :)

HEHE thanks for saving me time! GA