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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Angel is yet another spiritual thriller from Alton Gansky. As Pracilla Simmons, a newspaper woman by trade, is called to represent the human race to “Aster” a being from another world, her faith is challenged in more ways than one. Traditions old and new are tugging at her heart, and Aster must be right, right?

 I felt like Pricilla’s character development was superb. The suspense built up as she went back and forth on what she believed causing me as a reader lots of stress! I cared what happened to her! The mystical appearances and unknowns about Aster only heightened my focus on his words, actions, and even thoughts when he did show up, causing almost a fun “discovery” mood, if not for his dastardly self. If this book was a fishing hook, I was just plain stuck there waiting for it to let me go. Besides superb character arcs though, I feel like Lizzy, her solid and encouraging friend, should have received more spotlight time especially once I reached the ending---which was stunning. In a good way ;)  The UFO hunter angle wasn’t surprising but I also don’t feel like it was completely fleshed out either. All in all, this was an excellent character based book and with just a few plot tweaks it could have been a masterpiece in it’s genre.
[Angel By Alton Gansky]

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