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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Prodigy

[The Prodigy by Alton Gansky]

The Prodigy is, in my opinion, one of Alton Gansky’s finest books. His plot is very solid giving an excellent framework on which to stretch his  variety of spiritual tales: A boy with the ability to heal, to sense and to see, a  brilliant college student who seeks the miraculous, and those who wish to exploit the boy and his abilities.

Now I said before the plot was solid, and it was..But it also was not unexpected with the characters we had in play. However, besides in some ways being predictable, the entire plot wasn’t that way and as always the characters had surprises up their sleeves. Overall I feel like this book  did an amazing job at delving into some deep issues and different situations due to Toby’s unusual gifts. A refreshing plunge into something new. The ending of the book was one of the strangest I’d ever read. I did a double take and read it twice to make sure I had it right. Wonderful way to end it!

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Noah said...

Wow! I actually own this book, and now I really want to read it!

Writer's Characters said...

Whoa.....now i gotta find this book at the library! Sounds like something I'd dig into right away!