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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raising Dragons

[Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis]

Raising Dragons: Billy and Bonnie are dragons--and humans, those who are informed would call them Anthrozils. Billy is told about his dragon heritage after setting off a firealarm at school one day, and slayer stalks them all. Bonnie's lifelong secret that has been in hiding  is exposed as she saves Billy from the slayers and they flee to his house to warn Billy's family. What will the repercussions be?

Thus starts an adventure of two lifetimes, two lives intertwined with each other. To be honest this book is not  my favorite by Mr. Davis, compared to his Echoes from the Edge series it's not even close! But I think partially that is due to my age, and simply preferences.

Something I did enjoy was the fast paced plot and story momentum pulling you to the end. Billy's dragon powers made me want to be able to sense danger and breath fire as well! And Bonnie's...well who wouldn't want to have wings to fly!? Another positive in the book was the absolute repulsion the antagonist and his cronies were able to raise in me. Normally I fear for my favorite characters, in this book, I did that and more. I loathed Sir Devin and Palin along with their devlish plots. I actually despised them, evil being shown for what it is wonderfully by Mr. Davis.But yet they were so absorbed in their evil, they saw their killing of the Anthrozils as a holy quest killing children.

So, was the book my favorite? Nope, but is it a worthwhile and positive read as far as morals and spiritual content? Definitely.

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1 comment:

Goldarrow said...

Loath the Villian? I'm interested on this, I have never dis-liked a villian to that point.
I have disliked them yet wonder how an author can make you love the cunning behind him. but just through and through loath? Can you expand a bit please?