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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Candlestone

[The Candlestone By Bryan Davis]

This is the second book in the Dragon's in our Midst series. I felt that this book fleshed out the characters a tremendous amount and had me wanting to shout at them occasionally...(But maybe that's just me?) Billy especially showed extreme character development, I wish he could have learned faster though!

Mr. Davis's high flying writing style it had me pensive in fear knowing that Billy's actions would bear out with serious repercussions. Bonnie's trek and silent battle inside the Candlestone was breathtaking, as well as her faith and love for a mother. Willing to sacrifice herself for the few hopes she had. And her seemingly gravity defying love for a father that treated the angelic girl like a science experiment.

Ashley is someone I can't wait to read more about! I can't wait to see if she stays in the books, or even if her now patented phrase "Or your brain will choke" will make a come back!! Meeting up with the girls at the testing site and battle with Devin at the end of the book totally had me sucked in. How would the prophecy bear out!? Having now read it I can breath a sigh of relief, but only now ;)

Something I felt during the beginning and middle of the story was Bonnie should not have gone with her dad no matter what! I wasn't entirely sure if I found her going realistic, but it definitely made for a buckle-up and hang on ride.

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Goldarrow said...

This was a wonderful review!

I think I should re-read these books bit they take forever the first time through and the second normally takes twice as long...