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Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey everyone :)

I'm back from the party, got in late PST time last night and didn't have a chance to blog post. I wrote my post on the plane with little sleep so I'm going to give it the once over before posting. Hopefully before the day is out all 4 thousand words will be let loose. If I forgot you in the blog post, it wasn't because I didn't like you, but because my brain needed more sleep than I gave it.

Edit: IT will happen after Youth Group :)


Jake said...

I can't wait...twill be awesome to read. All of the details, Mil! Make me feel like I was there. :)

Squeaks said...

I'm exited to read this post too! I saw you in the video that CH uploaded :P It sure looked like you guys had a lot of fun :P (hehe the bagpipe part nearly burst my eardrums XD I didn't think that thing would be so loud lol)


Goldarrow said...

Sqeaks you should have turned your computer volume down! ;) it wasn't that bad in the store though. I was surprised at how well they both played.

T'will wait for Mill...