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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ok ok,

I know your probably thinking, what's he got this time? Well, I have to admit, I have more giveaways!! Scary this is O_o

First off, I've got to go with Noah! His blog is a literal giveaway hiding place, just poke around a bit and I'd almost guarantee there's one going on!! This time it's:The book is Another World by Philip Stott, it's sorta like a biblical, scifi, dinosaur speculative fiction piece ;) It looks good.

Next in line! Jake of the Sadaar is still going with his awesome Isle of Fire giveaway! Be sure to check his blog, there are now two yes two copies being given away!!!! Be sure to check regularly for Word War details ;)

And Last but certainly not least is a charging blog of at least 16 hands! I just discovered it tonight and I'm glad I did :) (Said blog) Now I bet you're all wondering what the prize is, not it's not books, no it's not music, or even pictures, but something I think is actually MORE cool. The winner receives TWO sketches of photos you send to them, or a sketch of something you describe in detail. Seriously guys/and gals, this sounds awesome. For those of us without drawing skill(duh-me) it's a must win.

Check out these wonderful blogger and blogs! And if you do, mention my name will ya? ;)

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