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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dual Post: Giveaway-and Nanowrimo! (CLOSED)

Nanowrimo: Hey guys! Nano is starting for me in two hours! I've gone back and forth on plot ideas like a jumping Asian cockroach! And I've decided....that I'll do two things. I will probably write a collection of short stories. But if this plot does work then I'll do this:An estranged cab man without a home runs into a small boy on the run from a man  who seeks to know  what  the secret to the fifth dimension is. 

 Yes that is original, as much as stories ever are :)

Good luck and WRIMO IT UP!

Hey bloggles! Millard J Monkey is hosting his first ever blog giveaway! Yes, and the book I get to start with is one I'm absolute in love with. I adore the book and all its' purely awesomeness self, along with the other two books in the series I'd like to give away too...(Hint hint).

So, to enter! Entries are gained in the following ways:

  • For the contest to be considered live there must be at least five entrants. You may earn entries before it is live.
  1. You must do this to be eligible for any other entries. You can follow this blog. A follower widget should be located on the blog's sidebar. (earns 2 entries)
  2. You can post about this giveaway on your blog. Comments MUST have a link. Limited to twice a week. (earns 2 entries)
  3. You can tweet with a link to this post. Comments MUST have a link. Limited to once a day
  4. You can read any of my reviews on this blog and comment on it. (earns 1 entry) Update: Must post link where comment can be found.
  5. You may link to this giveaway on facebook. You MUST email me a screen shot of it. Limited to once a day. (Update! now earns 2 entries)
  6.  If you come up with something you want to ask if you can do for entries, ask in the comment section, I am open to ideas!
Unless you know something about shipping I don't, only United States residents are available for the prize. If you wish, you can contact me and we'll see what shipping is to your other location.

Happy playing! 


EDIT: The Giveaway ends on the 15th! Keep up the great work :D


Pingpong said...

Whatever happened to the fourth dimension? I'd like to see you write that into the story too. Even if it just folds over onto itself. GL with the give aways. Oh and where did you pull the music from?

Abhishek Duggal said...

I follow via GFC!

Thanks for the opportunity!

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

Bryan Davis said...

Thank you for posting about my book. I hope you get lots of response. If you want copies of #2 and #3 to give away, let me know. I'll send them to you.

Bryan Davis

Jake said...

Aha! >:) *waves wildly* I want this book!!

I follow your blog, Shining Light! :D I shall do the others in due time...

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Alright guys!! Thanks for the response :)

Pingpong..we have three then don't we? *shakes head confusedly* We'll see, thanks for the encouragement :) Oh and the songs? I can give you the embed code if you want.

@Mr. Davis, I'd love that! I'll see how this one goes and contact you. Thanks so much!

Writer's Characters said...

I'm working on a nano novel too! Way exciting!

I LOVE that series! It is just crazy amazing!

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Yeah! I LOVE the series too!! You should enter!!


Star-Dreamer said...

I follow! Man, I would love to get this book! I've read the second one, and it was just absolutely amazing!
I'll try and post about this tomorrow.

Oo... Mr. Davis came on... and he offered to help you with a giveaway! How awesome is that, right?! :D

whisper said...

YES!! YESYES!! Ever since you gave such a glowing review of this a few months back, I've been eagerly wanting to read it. I shall heartily throw myself into this giveaway!

whisper said...


I follow your blog. (2 entries)

I blogged about it... (2 entries) http://chasingjabberwockies.blogspot.com/2010/11/book-giveaway.html

I Facebooked about it... (2 entries)

I commented on a review post of yours: http://onehundredelectricians.blogspot.com/2010/09/star-curiously-singing-by-kerry-nietz.html (1 entry)

That should total to 7 for me. :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Even if I don't win this copy, I still very much want to get my hands on this book!


Goldarrow said...

Hey, ok I will try,

Follow the blog -2-

Tweet with Link -2-

Comment on a review -1-

Comment on a review -1-

Is this considered a review?
Comment on a review -1-

Comment on a review -1-

Comment on a review -1-

Total is 9 entries

Thanks GA

Jake said...

I posted of your giveaway, Sir Millard. >_>


Writer's Characters said...

I have done all of the following for this contest!

I have followed your blog, posted about this contest on my blog (here's the link http://fromthemindofawriter.blogspot.com/) and I have commented on a couple of your different reviews (which by the way are amazing!).

By the way how's your nano novel coming?

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Hey Writer's Characters!

So glad you enjoyed the reviews, and I'm also thankful that you followed. Thanks!!
I'm asking that people give the link where they commented, sorry!! I updated that section of the rules now to avoid confusion. My fault completely! :(

Nano! It's up to date, thanks for asking :) I've got to get my words done today though! :O

Are you doing Nano too?! And your Nano Novel?



Writer's Characters said...

No problem! And its really ok and I just realized i only commented on one so here's the link - http://onehundredelectricians.blogspot.com/2009/10/prodigy.html - and yeah i'm doing the youth writers program and my novel is going good already got up to 6,000 words maybe 7,000 (haven't checked yet today) good luck with your novel!

Noah Arsenault said...

This is awesome, but I have a few questions. First, when does the giveaway end? Second, did you get the rule outline from my blog? :P If so, no worries!

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Haha! Two answers :D

1: I'm updating that today, I knew i neeed to fix that >_<

2. Yes! I'm sorry, I emailed you about it probably...a week ago before I even had this posted, as I didn't get a response I hoped it would be OK! Thanks for being understanding! :D

Noah Arsenault said...

Ok, thank you Millard! It's no issue at all!

Goldarrow said...

Ok here are some more

Tweet - 2 entries
Comment about a review 1 each  





Total 7 more


Goldarrow said...

ok last entries for me:

Tweet about the contest, 2

Comment on a review, 1

total 3