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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Everyday occurrences

It happens every day, some call them minor things, others major on them. They are the fabric of our faith, and the cornerstone of our scruples. They are the small things people do to. A stand against the current to support what they believe in. I just want to commend Noah Arsenault for his stand and decision not to read further into Ted Dekker's Bride Collector book after finding it objectionable to his Christian conscience.  And even more than that he vocally stated the fact on his book review blog giving a warning to all who would read it, neither being judgmental or harsh, but instead simply stating how it was for him. For that, he deserves commendation whether you agree with him or not.

Also! His blog is having a giveaway ending tonight, get in fast! A Star curiously singing-Is the prize of the night. Happy singing!!

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Jake said...

I salute him also--though my computer refused to let me comment and tell him so. :)

_TDW~Macey_ said...

SWEET!! Love the blog MILL! Keep it up man!

- Macey -