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Friday, October 22, 2010


Hey you guys!

Tonight I learned something AWESOME! I was digging through ALL my word files trying to organize them and make sure I don't have 32 copies of the same thing...And guess what I found out when I was done?

1) I'd actually written something in 1st person! I completely forgot about that! And here I was fretting on how to write it..psh ;) Now I should just fret about my memory :P

2) I, including all my fictional works(Not the double copies of course) have written over 104,062 words in the last year.

Now I admit for most of you writers this could have been done in well, like the last six months, but for me having not written at all until this last year, I'm very pleased :) Now if only I could sell that hodge podge as one....;)

Oh, Nanowrimo is coming up, if you want to participate and get Nano notes on this blog, please follow! Also for anyone that wants one up to the first 8 people before the contest starts, I will be making customized Nanowrimo avatars that they describe.

And now I'm off!


Edit: Wait, HALT! Don't go yet! Noah Arsenault has a giveaway going on!! Check it out here. Also, follow his blog :) It's well worth it :D


Squeaks said...

Thanks Millard! Lol; I dontthink I'm going to be doing nano. I don't believe firmly in writing a novel in that short period of time. I prefer to drag out the agony of it lol! Just kidding; I'm just kinda opposed to it.

That's really cool that you've written that much in the last year! Will you be giving excerpts of your stuff? I don't think I've read your writing yet :P


Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Woh, Squeaks, you are like the most awesome commenter ever. I should say that officially some time...Then you can comment! XP

Awww...No-Nano? Can I convince you otherwise somehow? Like..Like hum, I'm stumped :(

You don't? Well that's understandable I suppose, but what about meeting the word count so you write 50k words total in the month? Even if it's not the finishing of the novel?

I'm pretty glad too :) Actually, you can find a story I submitted to a contest on the page titled the same on my blog. I'd be honored if you took the time to read it.

Jake said...


I am doing NaNo. :) I don't know if I am your friend or not....I shall try to find you.