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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Give us the series!![CLOSED]

Finally we can giveaway the last Echoes from the Edge book! Nightmares Edges, the final book in the series and man do I love this book!! Normally I consider this my second favorite book--eclipsed only by the FIRST book in the series.This book can be personalized to YOU if you win!

For those of you who haven't read the series before, this is a must read for anyone looking for an emotionally stirring, adrenaline pumping, and spiritually moving book.

In this last installment in the Echoes from the Edge series: In the final installment in the Echoes from the Edge series, the three Earths are headed towards imminent destruction, and only Nathan’s father knows the secret to saving billions of people from the celestial collision. But he is trapped in a dream world where nightmares are reality and the collapse of the cosmos is at hand.

When Kelly sacrifices herself on Nathan's behalf during a rescue mission gone bad, Nathan is faced with two formidable tasks: save Kelly, and repair the cosmic fabric before the three dimensions collide. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, and the murderous stalker Mictar dogging his steps, Nathan must save the three Earths … or risk everything trying.

 Now, what can you do to enter you ask?
  1. You must do this to be eligible for any other entries. You can follow this blog. A follower widget should be located on the blog's sidebar. (earns 1 entries if you already do, 2 if you are a new follower. Specify in comment.)
  2. You can post about this giveaway on your blog. Comments must have a link. Limited to three posts a week. (earns 2 entries)
  3. You can tweet with a link to this post. Comments must have a link. Limited to once a day. (Earns one entry)
  4. You can read any of my reviews, or  interview on this blog and comment on it. (earns 1 entry) 
  5. You may link(with words as well) to this giveaway on facebook. You must email me a screen shot of your post. Limited to once a day. (earns 2 entries) I will not count this entry if you do not email me a screen shot.
  6.  You may get someone else to follow, please have them comment and say who told them about the blog.(earns 3 entries. This includes people who have linked here from Facebook or Twitter. They must say you sent them.)
  7.  You may interview authors: Matt Kociech, or Amanda Bradburn and blogpost it.(Earns 4 entries and is limited to once per author)
This giveaway ends February 28th.

    I think this could be our greatest giveaway yet! Good luck!


    Star-Dreamer said...

    So cool! I have the second book in the series and I'm dying to read the other two. btw... I'm already a follower. And as for some of the other stuff, well I would love to interview Amanda Bradburn for one thing... especially since I'm really starting to try for interviews over at the Pen and Parchment. :D

    Millardthemk said...

    Awesome! Sounds good!

    Let me know if you can't find her email! Here is her site:http://thekeepersofelenath.weebly.com/

    Anonymous said...

    Awesome! Love that book.

    Just started following.

    Millardthemk said...

    Wonderful!! Good luck!

    Meredith said...

    Sounds great! I haven't read the first one yet!


    meredithfl at gmail dot com

    Carman sent me

    Millardthemk said...

    Wonderful! Best of luck to you!

    Anne Payne said...

    I'm a new follower. Heard about this giveaway from Carmen at Christian Book Giveaways. I'm entering for my teenagers. They love this authors books.


    Millardthemk said...

    Woohooo! Can't wait to get a winner at this rate!

    whisper said...

    Huzzah for giveaways!

    I am an old follower (1 entry) and I commented on your post for "The Charlatan's Boy" (1 entry). Are we allowed to comment (and thereby gain entries for) multiple reviews, or is the limit one?


    Millardthemk said...

    You are allowed to comment on any reviews and interviews you have not yet commented on. :)

    Good luck! Thanks for 'jining up. :D

    whisper said...

    Oh! Huzzah! I'll set to earning more entries, then. :)

    whisper said...

    OK; I've commented also on "In Constant Prayer" and "Turtle and Dragon Go On Safari"

    That should be a total of 4 entries for this spy!

    Elizabeth Dresdow said...

    Hey, Millard!
    I just started following this! :) I LOVE this book!!

    Millardthemk said...

    That's wonderful Oh' Sneaky person!! Best of luck! :D

    Elizabeth Dresdow said...

    Sneaky person?? lol ;)

    SciF1Author said...

    New follower. ;) Officially. lol

    SciF1Author said...

    And here's the link to my 'blog' where I posted about this. :)

    Millardthemk said...

    Yes Ms. Dresdow..sneaky ;)

    SifiAuthor, Wonderful!! We have at least two guys who've joined now!

    I don't see your link though...:( Maybe try again?

    Evergreena said...

    I unfollowed and now I'm following again. Do I count as a new follower? (Just kidding!)

    If I have time, I'll Tweet about this, too... So I might be back.

    I only own the first book in this series, so I haven't read any of the other books yet. This one sounds very exciting!

    Goldarrow said...


    Anduril follows, that is 1
    I follow, that is 1

    I tweeted, that is 1

    Wow I have been gone for a couple weeks and feel like I was gone for years.

    3 for the Arrow family.

    Goldarrow ~ Michelle Archer


    Karen F said...

    Please enter me ~ I am a new follower
    kkfoster35 at msn dot com

    ps Carman sent me by

    Karen F said...

    Please enter me ~ I am a new follower
    kkfoster35 at msn dot com

    ps Carman sent me by

    Millardthemk said...

    Hey there, I will enter you!

    A tad bit confused with the "#2" and "#1" thing. Maybe you could clear that up for me? :D

    Sarah said...

    Coolness, Sir Millard! I haven't read this series, unfortunately, but I hope to someday. Bravo for you and your blog!

    Millardthemk said...

    Thank you Sarah!

    Sherree said...

    Would be a new author for me if I won. Came by way of Carmen. Thanks