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Monday, January 31, 2011

Turtle and Dragon go on Safari!

Turtle and Dragon Go on Safari was a warm interesting read. Padraig the dragon and Roger the turtle are out on a safari! They try to camp out all night, just like proper adventurers would. But camping out isn’t all about s’mores and a nice fire;  when they hear strange sounds in the dark they look for what could be causing them. But like true safari-ers they classify them as howler monkeys making the screeching noises. A rustling in the leaves is from Giraffes with their heads in a tree, and those are just a few of their identifications! Even when they get scared in the dark neither one makes fun of the other and they stay adventurer buddies trying to sleep in their tent. Roger keeps Padraig’s spirit up and in turn, Padraig is able to help light their way with fire!!

Turtle and Dragon Go on Safari was a book I’d love to have my kids read(IF I had some) with no reservations whatsoever. Great job  Mrs. Paul, and Ms. Denmark! Also, the Illustrations by Vincent Nguyen were exceptional.

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1 comment:

whisper said...

Good review, heh, it makes me want to read it! (OO) *expression of alarm* Methinks I spent too long in the children section of the library today... all these small kid stories are getting to me. >_>