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Monday, January 17, 2011

Enoch by Alton Gansky

Enoch is a book, once read, you don’t easily get out of your mind. It’s laced with spiritual action and warfare. Spiced with straight faced humor. And bordered by characters that are larger than the pages on which they sit. I found the idea of Enoch arriving again with a message from God to be absolutely fantastic! Mr. Gansky literarily colored in a Biblical character making him both believable and making the reader eager to learn more. And gave me the fun cause to question, “What if he really did come back?”. All that to say, I felt the plot was reasonable, but still not the showcase of the book. Again with Mr. Gansky it was the characters that made the storyline work for me. But with lesser characters I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed it near as much. I would say the plot would be the weakness of the book. Between a pretend psychic who might be more real than she knows, a man from the past named Enoch, and a broken and frustrated man looking for a fresh start; Alton has given us an amazing mix between new, old, and redemption.

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