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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer

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Mere Churchianity was a book I picked up with bias for the church and against some of it's commonly accepted practices. I was also biased for the Biblical model as well as with the trepidation that I would simply be reading a radical anti-church as a whole, book. But…as I read it I realized it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was indeed against much of the church as a whole, but, not simply because it was the church. Michael Spencer’s bone to pick with the church was it’s church shaped—not Jesus shaped spirituality. The lack of Jesus behind the churches’ doors and simply a church and what they say. He believes that this is the case with a majority of churches and as such believers are walking away from the church in search of God.

If the book had stopped there---and I almost did, it would have been a disappointment. He filled much of the first part of the book with what I consider burned out Christian rhetoric. However, the book beefed up as it drove toward the finish line and added some solid issues that I knew were on target with church problems. He started with the address of hearts of his readers, some of their insecurities and legitimate pains. And finished with trying to show that Jesus shaped spirituality was the way to go.

There were quite a few things in the book I disagreed with, however---he did have some good points. I’d recommend the read with a grain of salt.

A little humorous note: Mr. Spencer made the comment that millions of copies of books like, "The Purpose Driven Life" and other books on how to truly know God are sold based on people feeling the church with a God vacuum of nothingness. I agree somewhat, however--his book will sell on the same premise ;)

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