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Monday, February 14, 2011

Randy Alcorn

Here is a little something I managed to eek out of Randy Alcorn's book launching part for The Chasm. An allegorical book aimed at adults.

@Mr. Alcorn

What drove you to use illustrations in this new work of yours? What did you hope to gain from them?

Someone asked about illustrations. I really felt that The Chasm could be enhanced with the illustrations. But, with Stephanie's help, I searched around for different potential illustrators and finally found Mike Biegel. It was the right fit. I wanted that contemporary feel that is sort of a graphic novel sketch approach. I think Mike nailed what I was looking for and it definitely enhances the book. Allows you to picture something of the heavy imagery in the Chasm.

@Mr. Alcorn,

What sets The Chasm apart from your other wonderful books? The style of writing, the world building, characters?

The Chasm is unique, those who have read EOE will see that I extracted and then rewrote as a standalone some chapters in the middle of that earlier novel. From the time I first wrote EOE, 12 years ago, I have wanted to do this. I believe God can use it as an imaginative way of conveying the gospel to people who need to envision the old story in a fresh way.

@ Mr. Alcorn

As you continue to write these fiction books, what is your greatest source of inspiration for your writing? What is your source for creative
... juices?

On creative juices, hard to answer that. I seek to read and think and use my imagination, and improve my writing skills. I ask God for ideas and help and I sense Him answering those prayers. Whether we build or draw or fix things or make a home for our families, God wants us to yield our gifts to Him, and depend on Him for the next step, even the next breath. I don't always succeed, but that's what I seek to do in my writing.

@Randy Alcorn

What first sparked your idea for The Chasm? Was it something in particular or was it more of a slow idea percolating? Did you outline it, or go with the seat of the pants route?

The basic idea for The Chasm came to me thirteen years ago while writing Edge of Eternity. Seemed like God brought waves of imagination to me until I could feel the little people driving nails in the feet and hear the angels locked up in heaven pounding on the ground, the earth's ceiling, crying out to take vengeance on the little people for inflicting such misery on the Woodsman.

@ Mr. Alcorn,

To end with one last question. What was one thing different in the writing of The Chasm than your other books? Did you write it all while eating shrimp? ;)

No shrimps were killed in the writing of the Chasm, but a number of them gave their lives that I might eat well tonight, thanks to my lovely wife Nanci. The Chasm is in some ways the most purely imaginative book I've written. Yet it has some gritty references to the struggles and dead end streets of this life.

Hope you enjoy this short and informal Q and A!


The Director said...

Nice! Thanks Mil :)

Jake said...

I've read some of Alcorn's books before and really enjoyed them. Looking forward to this, though I have never before heard of it.

Millardthemk said...

I'd read some reviews before reading the book Jake. This one might be a little over *my* head.