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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sermon days #5 and #6!

Even though I didn't get a post up for sermon day #5, indeed I did it! In fact, on day #5(Yesterday) I started an eight part series walking through Galatians.

Yesterday I listened to, and took notes on Freed by Grace. The message was good, but I struggled with the lack of scripture. I didn't disagree with David, but on one of his main statements we used and kept using, no scripture was directly given. I believe this was due to be stepping into the church's teaching without having heard any of the focus for the preceding months. Good message, just not with as much scripture as I need.

Today, Sermon Day #5, I listened to Freed by Faith. It built upon the premises of Freed by Grace, so I struggled throughout the message to fully embrace the statements that were built upon a statement(singular) I really wanted more scripture on. However, at the end of the message in the last 15 minutes or so, what he said about being crucified with Christ and Christ now living was extremely good.

Tomorrow will be Free in Christ  and I look forward to it. One of these days I would desire to cram in an extra sermon and re-listen to A Church Who's God Cannot Rest, but healthwise I don't see that as a possibility soon. Maybe God will allow it, though.

To give everyone praying a heads up, two days ago I went off my Flagyl antibiotic. Starting tomorrow(if we hear from the doctor, there is some med confusion) I'll be doing somewhat of an intermittent antibiotic cocktail; I'll switch between four antibiotics for forty days.


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