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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sermon day #3!

Today I listened to Singleness and the Next Generation by David Platt.

It was exceptional and inspiring. And not necessarily to go join a monastic order, and certainly not to disparage the marriage. My notes on this covered around three medium sized note tablet pages. Unfortunately..since this wasn't a bulletin point message, they really wouldn't mean much to you. :(

The references out of Isaiah that David pulled from towards the beginning of his message really made it come together. Seeing the Old Covenant and mindset alongside a new covenant mandate was fantastic.

Very much enjoyed the message, definitely had new thoughts on the issue arise; nothing earth shattering though, which I imagine is good. And the message for tomorrow..is a mystery! Not sure what I'm going to go with.


Note: Kuddos to my friend Jamie who also listened to a sermon today! (Actually the same one I found out later) It's not too late to jump on the band wagon, folks! Church tomorrow counts for all you churchers!

Tomorrow will either be, A Church Who's God Cannot Rest, Desperate for His Spirit, Desperate Prayer, The Glory of His Name, or...Unveiling his Glory.

So many good choices! >.<


Eagles Wings said...

Where do you listen to them? O_o

Precentor said...

I download them free from itunes and listen with my itouch!