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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Hunger Games~A partial review

I've be desperate for fiction lately, and I mean really desperate. For several months I've toyed with reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Yesterday I put in my Ebookfling.com loan request, today I received the book!

I made it around 66% in before stopping. Two reasons: kissing and lack of...that almost intangible.

I had the conception that there was perhaps two kisses in the book and I figured as long as the author didn't fixate on them they'd be skippable or not degrading for the characters. Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case. Once you reached a certain point in the book there was kissing in approximately every other scene. For my personal reading, that's unacceptable; in this case I found it especially bad taste as the kisses were staged displays of affection for gifts from the audience. I won't dwell on this, but I found it disappointing and a repulsive addition to the book.

Here in my partial review I'm struggling with what to say. The story just didn't resonate for me, but obviously it has for many people. I've looked at the plot, the characters, the sometimes bi-polar Katniss, and I can't nail down exactly what didn't jive for me. I suppose the best quantifier I have is that parts of the story seemed to be added solely to move the plot along. Don't shoot me for saying that, please! I still haven't quite fingered the problem, in my mind, but that definitely rings close to the mark. Without the repulsive affection in the book I probably would have held on until the end, but together they spelled the end of the book.

I don't anticipate fans to agree with me, but I also know my friends read things I would not care for. So why post this review? If you haven't read it you should know what you're getting into.
I ask if you disagree with this review and still chose to comment that you display good taste in your comment. You will not move me from my position on the book's content, so please do me the honor of not trying.


DJ said...

I almost think that Katniss ended up having to pay for her wrong actions in the first book (ie. pretending to be in love with Peeta) by dealing with almost all of the events in the second and third books. While I agree with you that it wasn't in good taste, there can be a learned lesson from it.

Gregory J. Downs said...

I liked the book a lot... in a strange way. Something seemed to tug me along to the end.

Then I read the second book, and it got worse and lamer. So I quit and didn't read the 3rd.

Come to think of it, the kissing parts were really bizzare. Almost as if "hey, here's the obligatory teen romance you dumb highschoolers always want. We're going to make it as dry and meaningless as possible just to spite you."

bleh. But I *did* like the book, so I guess it's kind of hypocritical to act like I hate it.

The Director said...

I really appreciate that you stopped for the reasons that you did. Plus, if you finished the first book you would get sucked in and consequently need to read the rest which were disastrous.

Definitely admire your ability to stop reading that book, considering.....

Oh, and if you are really in need to fiction..... are there any particular genres?? I could go put on my thinking cap for good fiction since that's all I've been reading lately....

Precentor said...

Appreciate the comments DJ, Greg!

Thanks TD! I really enjoy pretty much any modern genre as long as it's lacking filth and has good mechanics. Modern as in, not 18th or 19th century fiction. :) Thanks!

Storyteller said...

I just finished The Hunger Games. You know I agree with you on the kissing, of course. But I thought the story was suspenseful; wondering who was going to die next, how Katniss was going to overcome the odds, and so on.
Have you read Andrew Peterson? I feel like you mentioned him Underground, but I can't remember if that was you or someone else.
When my book is done, you can read it, alright? :)

Precentor said...

Hey ST!

I've tried Andrew Peterson and really dislike his style. I just can't stand reading the oddness and younger humor he threw into On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. It rubs me terribly wrong.

I look forward to that moment!

Storyteller said...

Really? I enjoyed Peterson a lot (I think I am easy to please).
How about Lloyd Alexander? He's not Christian, but he is clean. He might be more your style. Just don't watch Disney's rendition of The Black Cauldron.
What are some of your favorite books? Carolyne and I are wondering.

Precentor said...

I know lots of people who do, so glad you enjoy it!

I might have to check out some Lloyd Alexander books, thanks ST!

Hey Caroline! :o) I loved the Echoes from the Edge books by Bryan Davis, really liked Deception by Randy Alcorn, I've enjoyed the Legends of Karac Tor series by Dean Briggs. A definite fan of Behold the Dawn by K.M Weiland, wholly enjoyed The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead, a fun read is always The Homelander series by Andrew Klavan, huge entertainment value out of Nightbringer by James Huggins.

That's a pretty good sampling I think!

Naomi Elizabeth said...

Hey Sam! Ive thought alot about trying those books lately. ALL of my friends like it and want me to try it..but I wasn't sure if i was comfortable reading about teens killing each other..Think I should try it for myself? OH, and great post!

Anna said...

I thought about reading these books when I saw the movie trailer, but then a friend told me about the story in-depth and I decided against it. Add this review and its definately off my list.
Anyway, it was a good review even if you haven't read the whole book. Sometimes you don't have to, to know its not worth it.
~Anna P.

Noah Arsenault said...

I've been in the middle of Catching Fire for a while now, and because of this post (for which I thank you) I am going to stop. I simply see no point.

everlastingscribe said...

Ah Mill. I'm into MockingJay and I'll save my review but I'm delighted to see that so far we tally along the same lines.

My biggest annoyance? I was expecting Katniss to be a hero, not an anti-hero.

I expected Rue to be .. .I don't know, less "kick the kitten" and also I was slightly confused as to where in the world Peeta learned to be compassionate.

Also, the world didn't feel solid. I couldn't believe in it. I kept losing the 'willful suspense of disbelief'

;) More later.