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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tribe building is ending!

No longer do we try to promote CH's books, Christopher’s Books include:,The Rise of the Dibor,The Lion Vrie, Athera’s Dawn. *Sigh* NO more review posting....for Wayne's either! The Door Within,The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, The Final Storm, Isle of Swords, Isle of Fire, Or Sword in the Stars! Or their co-authored ones....Curse of the Spider King, Venom and Song, or the third one! Which I'm going to write to Thomas Nelson for.....Check it out here on the Underground on how you can get in on the action. Ugh! I wish I had some awesome blog post to link you to for Wayne's site...but all he has up is the pre-ending tribe post. CH doesn't even have that! Which is fair I suppose, this one really is more about Sword in the Stars. But you can find out how to tether an Iphone  or Droid ;)


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