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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Word count!

Hey guys!

First off: You were all so encouraging with my last post, I decided I simply must give the good news ;) Oh, also, I got a brilliantly kind Nanomail from Squeaks as well! Thanks :D

So..the good news, I wrote 5 thousand+ words yesterday and registered a PB(personal best) in writing time. At the thirty minute mark I had 2 thousand new words written!! Then I tapered off :( [I finished the chapter!!] So I ended with 3174 words in an hour :D

This this morning, I wrote 3174 words O_O No I didn't try to get the same, twasn't onpurpose :P But I wrote the exact same amount this morning in an hour, as my hour yesterday! So In 1.3(ish) days I've added just over 8300 probably around 8400 words! And! I'm hoping to get another three thousand written this evening.

Anyone free for a word war later!?



Star-Dreamer said...

I would do a word war! Sure! I've been trying to quit procrastinating on my novel and it may just be that a word war would do the trick.

Anyone feel up to "write or die"? That's what I'd use. :D

Millard of Swiftstorm said...


I am thinking that at least at 2 PST= 5 EST = 4 CST I will be writing. Also probably this evening for me, but will two PST work for anyone else?

Star-Dreamer said...

ach! I have a class at two -- two central, that is, and at four I have to go talk to some people about a job. Right now though, I have two hours of free time so I'm going to be working on it now. Let's see what I can pull off in two hours.

On that note, how 'bout another word war tomorrow? I have most of the day off, except for one meeting with a professor at 10:00 and a class at 1:00. Anyone else?


Jake said...

Ay, I wish so very much I could join in and ferociously write! :( :( That thirty minutes last night was epic. >_> But I am whisked away all day long...I may write while in the car for a couple minutes--LOL--but as there is not internet in the car ;) I cannot do it.

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Hm...Aw shucks! :( Well, in 1.5 hours I can write for and hour mayhaps. It's 10:30 for me(FYI). Gr! :(

Definitely, I'd love to do a word war with you! Sadly..I'm gone until at least 9PM Central, or Ten EST, what about a word war....Hmm..Maybe I can shuffle the schedule.

Ok Jake, thanks!

whisper said...

Millard, you say you'll be free around 10 EST... I can also war then. I'll try to make contact with you tonight at 10, if that's all right with you.

Over and out,

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

That was ten EST tomorrow night. I'm mostly free all night tonight but I'm only good for one mmmaaayyybeee two wars. I've already got 4200 done today.