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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello guys!

Well, I've drawn the winner, and it is.....I wonder how long I can delay telling? I mean, if no one actually cares, then I don't really have to tell ;) But if people do care then I should probably tell. I mean if this book was up in the air for me, I'd want to know, but I'm not you. Why you ask? Oh, because I'm me, not you, and I can't be both of us at the same time. (At least not efficiently)


Congratulations Miss Arrow :) You've won an excellent book! Huzzah! Now I have a question for all the other entrants. I already have two copies of Eternity's Edge--And I was just thinking, Gosh, a second place prize would be cool. What do you think? Should I have another draw today and giveaway a copy of the book? Either way I have a giveaway of it coming up! Just I will either give away one, or two copies at that time :D

What say you?



Elven Princess said...

Congratz GA!!!

(I want to be in the drawing) :D

Goldarrow said...

Thanks EP!

Hehe I'm a little cheater, I skipped the paragraph read the winner and then went back and read the intro. :) that way your long draw out didn't work. :)

Thanks Millard!

Jake said...

Same time. ;)

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

Congrats GA, my pleasure! I hope you enjoy it :D

Ok..so i think that is one for another drawing, and one not for one ;)

EP, I don't believe you entered the giveaway, but since you were kind enough to answer....I'll give ye an entry if we end up doing it :)

Elven Princess said...

thank you. :)

whisper said...

Congratulations, Goldarrow! :)

Noah Arsenault said...

Wow, GA, you are winning a lot! Congrats!! I vote for another winner!