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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fight of Shadows

When I picked up Flight of Shadows, I expected a *fun* genetic experiment or sci-fi thriller book. And even when I was first getting into the story, that's what I thought I'd found. You have a likable protagonist Caitlyn, and a fun loving helper, Razor. A new political realm and a host of original ideas! But what I didn't expect was the language and suggestive themes I found in the book even just up to the halfway mark in the book! I am very disappointed in the content of the book and would not recommend it to anyone I know. Due to this low level of content in the book I put it down at the halfway mark. I've tried to read it, yet I don't believe I can with a clear conscience. Best of luck reading, but I don't recommend this book.

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Cson said...

That's a shame. Sigmund Brouwer's actually my favorite author of all time and I've read nearly all of his books (he's written over 100, lol).

Though not as good as the prequel, I still thought it was pretty darn good, and not focused on that kind of stuff at all.

I wish you would have read it all--the ending was incredible!

Squeaks said...

Thanks for letting us know!! I shall refrain from picking up the book (mind you, I don't read sci/fi lol)