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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum

A fellow that came in and wanted to buy cockpit time in the P-51, Robert(my boss) let him in for free, I took pics with my new phone for him and sent them to the guy :)
A T-38:I love this plane, they always look so sweet in pictures and are really fast! I love this plane :)
Cool paint job :D
Drone for taking pictures, recovery idea? Drop the canister into the sea and self destruct the plane. FYI, it was a flop
SR-71 Blackbird in all its' glory
Myself in a Robinson Helicopter taking my Demo flight :)
The Newest Discovery Ambassador
Look at the size of the prop!!
I love the lines and paint job on this Helo :)
Fast, ugly, bad turning, really easy to shoot down.
Something akin to a Russian Aerobatic plane, I think?
The Cobra...
Ensign of the AVG core in China
Me-262 Got to see this plane get put together
Inside of the goose, that is, the inside as far as the flash would work!


Goldarrow said...

Wow that is a really good camera for a phone! though I have to say I still love that pic of you with the fighter pilot helmet on! Makes me laugh just looking at it!
I also like the captions! My favorite was, "Fast, ugly, bad turning, really easy to shoot down." :)
no kitten by the cobra this time??? :(

Very cool!

Dwibble said...

As an airplane lover myself, this was really cool to see. Was tgis a museum of all kinds of designs of airplanes that were either scrapped or abandoned?

Eagles Wings said...

Nice helmet... creepy alien Millard... Are you sure youre not the guy in the first picture...? *serious face*

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

@GA: Thanks! Most of those are from a real camera, just the first pictures is from my camera phone :) I had to print them from the phone, then scan them in!

No kitten :( I could have posted a picture of it I guess....hehehe, it was very cute.

@Dwibble: This museum has airplanes from a variety of reasons, quite a few are on loan from the Oregon and Washington National Guard. They have alot they have bought or had donated to the museums :) They even have a few flight ready!! Like the Corsair and the F-4 Phantom.

@EaglesWings: I am sure I am the guy!!! ;) You sure I am not the person in picture number seven???

Eagles Wings said...
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Eagles Wings said...

..... youre sure you are the guy in the first pic O.o... *blinks* I suppose you could be the person in the 7th pic also.... we'll never know will we?

Millard of Swiftstorm said...

We might not ;)

Jake said...

Ooh... I have seen the illustrious Millard! :D Sorta.