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Friday, July 23, 2010

You are the Jury...

Ok, the Jury is about to be called to decide on the question of an age,

Is Facebook just a way for people to inflate their egos by thinking people can/want to know their every whim on status updates?

Or...Is it simply being misused.

Or, do people really care about what your uncle said at lunch to your cousin?

Now I am really curious, what is the verdict? No? Yes? Maybe? Other?

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Jake said...


Goldarrow said...

Is it simply being misused.

But I think it is some of all those said.
I was looking at my dad's Facebook and I saw a bunch of "useless post" like. "I'm feeling good!" but if you use it to tell people you don't see a lot about how someone did at a competition or to keep in contact when you're on a trip. Is good.

I think Facebook has it's places, I just don't think I would like it for me. The more I see it the more i see how unsafe it is and all that for me. (now I'm not saying it is wrong for everyone just me.)
There are plenty of Chat sites and if not those everyone has email.

Ok so I went on my little rant... sorry about that, GA