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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crazy Dangerous Andrew Klavan

Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klavan was a reading joy. It housed excellent characters, a twisting and twirling plot, as well as a encouraging worldview.(Fac Recte Nil Time)

The book's synopsis courtesy of Thomas Nelson:

Sam Hopkins is a good kid who has fallen in with a bad crowd. Hanging around with car thieves and thugs, Sam knows it’s only a matter of time before he makes one bad decision too many and gets into real trouble.

But one day, Sam sees them harassing an eccentric schoolmate of his named Jennifer. When Sam finds the courage to face the bullies down, he loses a bad set of friends and acquires a very strange new one.
Because Jennifer is not just eccentric. To Sam, she seems downright crazy. She has terrifying hallucinations involving demons and the devil and death. And here’s the really crazy part: Sam is beginning to suspect that these visions may actually be prophecies—prophecies of something terrible that’s going to happen very soon. Unless he can stop it.

With no one to believe him, with no one to help him, Sam is now all alone in a race against time. Finding the truth before disaster strikes is going to be both crazy and very, very dangerous.

Even more so than Klavan's YA series, The Homelanders, Crazy Dangerous manages to balance a positive message with riviting action. The first person narrative we are given in Sam Huggin's point of view was done well and bonding with him was an easy 'task'. And though Sam was an excellent character, my hat goes off to Klavan's writing of Jennifer. She was absolutely superb. By far one of the most interesting and lovable characters I've read recently.

Crazy Dangerous avoided worn-out cliches and walked a razor's edge between a spiritual soaked thriller and a mentally disturbed noire genre book; refusing to fall into the ditch on either side it succeeds in being a heart-pounding read.

Highly recommended for teen reading.

I received this book free from Booksneeze and was not required to write a positive review.

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