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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Raised Right Alisa Harris

Raised Right by Alisa Harris is yet another non-fiction post-Christianese disillusionment book. Written with only a touch of sarcasm it chronicles the journey of Ms. Harris from a politically spearheded religious focus as a child to a slightly jaded adult.

The book, as it was meant to, resonated sporadically with the readers'(mine in this case) peeves at the zealous but not un-regularly mis-focused Christian conservative [party].

The book followed a tolerably predictable pattern: Young idealism with a black and white worldview along with a strict 'left is the best' mentality, to an adult singed from the fires of life that shaded the clear cut right and wrong into a grey.

For it's subject matter I feel the book did well. It didn't ridicule the Christian faith, on the contrary it may help reveal blind-spots in readers' own lives as they follow Alisa's journey. Beyond that, the book for me, was rather unremarkable.Only recommended if you enjoy reading this sort of spiritual and philosophical autobiography.

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