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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beckon Tom Pawlik

I was eager to read Beckon after previously reading Vanish(and being subsequently impressed) by Tom Pawlik. Tom proved himself more than capable of writing an adrenaline rushing thriller with a thought provoking twist, and in Beckon the same qualities are maintained.

Again Pawlik's premise is impressive, well thought out, and well executed. Very much in the speculative vein of his other books I don't doubt this will add nicely to his other two releases.

Through the three point of views the book follows(Originally designated into three sections. Part 1,2, and 3), Jack's was my favorite. I enjoyed his 'everyman' character type and admired his stalwart determination to get proof of his incredible discoveries. The other two point of views were done consitently, though I enjoyed them less.
A word of warning: Due to some mature themes touched on in George's marriage relationship and the change it under goes in Beckon,  this is not a young adult book. To me this felt almost obtrusive on an an otherwise so open to all story. Thankfully they were not a major part of the story, though not small either.

My hat goes off to Pawlik as he maintained the suspension of disbelief well; the town of Beckon was extremely believable. I found a strange satisfaction in the story not falling for cliche disaster quagmire. Several times I found myself waiting for the disaster to strike at certain times, only to find that Tom had chosen to circumvent the somewhat formulaic timing. Well done!

I enjoyed the unique world and creations Beckon brought, but Vanish retains it's gleam as the apple of my Tom Pawlik reading eye. For older readers of speculative fiction I can recommend Beckon, but make sure you try Vanish as well!

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