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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nightbringer by James Byron Huggins

NightbringerNightbringer by James Byron Huggins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nightbringer was phenomenal, gut wrenching, and pulse pounding.

Previously I'd read The Reckoning: A Novel by James Huggins and was intrigued by the story sufficiently to try Cain which turned out to be a huge disappointment(and returned to the library unfinished). It was somewhat tentatively that I cracked open Nightbringer; and I loved it.

Mr. Huggins manages what is almost impossible for this long time and jaded reader: he makes me believe  the hero can really die and he does it with grace and style. And in the same vein as The Reckoning our hero is: deadly, focused, has a conscience, and has no problem uncorking on the bad guys. ^_^

Huggins pulls from Biblical history, the death of Christ, Genesis six, and from these ingredients concocts a fantastical tale of epic proportions peppered with ridiculously well done fight scenes an a warrior who's been killing in the name of an unspoken mission for thousands of years.

Only cons:
Twice I felt like the author tweaked details he'd already said and slightly revamped them for the next part of the story, but they were grey areas and didn't diminish from the read in the least. Point of view was a little scattered like The Reckoning, but unlike The Reckoning you didn't have to track layer upon layer of deception and subterfuge; lack of political intrigue made the spread POVs readable.

The book wasn't perfect but definitely earned a five star rating. This is one I'll hasten to add to my bookshelf. Due to the combat, violence, and intensity of the book I'm not recommending it to anyone under 15. The violence, however, lacked gratuitousness and wasn't gory. Points to the author there!

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Jake said...

Whew, five star review! I'll definitely be checking this one out. :)

Millardthemk said...

As you should! Glad to be of service.