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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Corridor by Robin Parrish

Corridor (A MythWorks Novel)Corridor by Robin Parrish

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Corridor was imaginative, intriguing, and family friendly read. And at it's price, 2.99, a fantastic bargain.

The mystery of Troy's 'snatching' and the deadly corridor's purpose slowly unravels as he struggles to navigate it's macabre maze with the voice of a girl  in his head giving cryptic advice.

Troy made a great protagonist; he was not only fun to read about, but attached to my heart and drew me in emotionally. His journey became my journey and his trials mine. Several times I even tried to figure out the rooms before he did, never succeeded though! He was self sacrificing and loyal; this is the sort of main character I want to read about.

Victoria was exceptionally written. It's not often a writer has to bond readers to a character "off stage", so to speak. Robin Parrish did it, and did it well. Her linkage to the corridor added a whole new dimension to the story and I was rooting for her all the way.

The corridor itself was a trip down imagination lane. I was able to visualize all the rooms save one(room #2), and very much enjoyed the whole journey. The "tests" were ingenious; I only wish there were more to read about!

Incidentally, to begin with, the writing style gave me trouble but after a few pages I settled in and had no problems with it.

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I received my copy free for an honest review.

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