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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Dragon's Tooth by N.D Wilson

The Dragon's Tooth by Nathan Wilson is the start of a new (and I think improved) series the Ashtown Burials. For urban fantasy and young adult adventure lovers this book has it all: blue fire spewing guns, ancient sects of adventurers with oaths that bind members, things that cannot die, and a good dose of macabre pop psychology.

Starting with a boy lugging tires and tossing them into a tire-filled swimming pool and ending with a battle for an entire order's lives, The Dragon's Tooth covers quite the distance; it covers it well. While the other books by Mr. Wilson left me nonplussed, The Dragon's Tooth evolved past twelve-year old humor(albeit his target audience) and was a pleasantly enjoyable read.

Now a little bit about the book itself.....

While reading I found the style to be faintly terse without being ridiculously so. By this I mean the sentences were slightly choppy at points but not to the extent that it was an annoying read.
The characters themselves showed very minimal growth “character” wise while growing tremendously in both expertise and ability, physical and mental.

Favorite facet of the book: Pretty much any part involving Patricia. I think I bonded with the snake, or was it identified....?
Least enjoyed facet of the book: The lack of internal character development.

Does Millard recommend this book? Yes!

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