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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brother Thief by Greg Downs

Brother Thief by Gregory Downs is Mr. Down’s second novel. His first book, Mordred, imaginatively delved into Arthurian legend and re-wrote the common history painting the normal villain in a unique light.

Brother Thief, however, is firmly planted in the epic fantasy category. Greg manages to tell the story of Gribly-a thieving street urchin with an amazing ability, Lauro-a stiffed necked prince with a penchant for giving orders, and a  mysterious pit strider intent on taking anyone down who stands between himself and Gribly.

As I found true in my reading of Mordred, Greg Downs has a vivid and fantastical imagination. Brother Thief is packed full of the original and intriguing ideas that seem to have become the standard for Greg’s writing. And as opposed to many teen writers, Greg injects plenty of conflict into his plot, giving his story all of the antagonistic energy a good story so desperately needs.

Happy writing Greg!

An abridged version of the book's synopsis found on it's virtual back cover.

Most people think it's skill, and some think it's just dumb luck... but everyone is wrong. Gribly has a talent that no one knows about- not even the old gypsy who raised him. It's because of this talent that he's so good at burglary, and he makes sure no one knows his secret. Should it ever become known, he knows, his life would be imperiled...

Into the scene stumbles a mysterious young messenger named Lauro. When Gribly finds him dying from exhaustion outside the city gates, Lauro claims he bears a message from Larion, King of Vastion in the south, to the Dunelord. Helping Lauro could be Gribly's way out of trouble... but do messengers carry royal swords? Do they control the power of the winds?

Both lads soon realize the other has something to hide, but neither one knows the titanic role they will play in the world-shaking events that will soon grip Ymeer... and the entire continent of Vast.

Become a legend... or die trying.

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