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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Book of Man by William J. Bennett

The Book of Man is just one of the many books William Bennett has been involved with; previously I'd had a chance to read The Fight of our Lives and thoroughly enjoyed its' candid tone about the state of our nation and the subtle battle we're in. I opened The Book of Man expecting equal candor and and objective view of what being a man is in our culture of effeminate men; what I found was not what I was expecting.

Instead of lengthy essays on manhood and the lack of it in our culture, The Book of Man is chock full of historical stories and examples of manhood. It struck me as an excellent read-aloud from father's to their growing boys; the book providing stories and excerpts about manhood exhibited in a variety of spheres such as: Man in War, Man at Work; Man in Play, Competition, and Leisure


Man in the Polis

, Man with Woman and Children


As I said, the book's content was simply not what I expected and I found it tedious to read through all the multitude of stories and speeches found in each section.; if however, you have a boy in his early teens having him read select stories could be quite up building.

Feel free to try the book, just know it's essay light and story and speech heavy; I personally found the forward the most enjoyable part of the book.

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