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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Spirit Well Stephen Lawhead

As a big fan of both The Skin Map, and The Bone House, I was extremely eager to read the newest(and I had thought last) installment in the Bright Empires series; it turned out The Spirit Well is only book three.

The distinctive Lawhead touch was evident throughout the book. Settings were picturesque and vibrant, characters were three dimensional, and the plot continues to thicken by degrees as the series grows. With a master's ability Lawhead builds the story lore and manages to keep such a fantastical yarn believable for the reader.

My two qualms with the story are these:
I finished The Spirit Well and was surprised at the lack of forward motion. A vast amount of the story ends up being back-story involving Archibald Burley, and the Petrie family line. Kit's progress in the quest in all but mentality is minor, and while Mina does press onward, the overall feeling is that of running on a treadmill.
As the third book in a series I do understand the need for building of the plot, but upon finishing the book it was hard to pin down what exactly had been accomplished in the "current time".

Secondly, with the introduction of so much back-story of known characters, as well as Cassandra's addition, our heroes Kit and Mina seem a bit lost in the wash. I missed following their adventures closely and the greater pages I was able to spend with them.

Overall I quite enjoyed The Spirit Well, and find it a good addition to the series--if not a perfect fit for my reading tastes.

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Anna said...

Good to know, I need to hurry up and read The Bone House.
Great review!
~Anna P.