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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Orphan King Sigmund Brouwer

After many days of eagerly awaiting the new release, The Orphan King, by Sigmund Brouwer, it finally came!

Not content to simply sit around and wait for the book to arrive I searched for more information on it. In a podcast Waterbrook hosted, Sigmund had referenced his new Merlin's Immortals series as something that an older readership than his sports book would enjoy, specifying fans of Harry Potter(And Twilight for its' use of myth). Hearing this I was a bit shocked to see the book was so short, two hundred and twenty paper back pages. After reading it, my overall impression is the book should have been longer and fleshed out a little more.

The supporting characters were not very developed besides the "cryptic night" the back cover references; in this I feel the book could have been improved and would have been more gripping for the change.

At points the dialogue seemed to take place of the character's actual feelings, telling us he was distracted through another character when purely from his actions I at least was not able to discern that.

At another moment in the story the story the hero discovers potentially devastating information yet remains composed and collected, making me question the realism of the scene.

 The book was written in an easy-to-read tone and Brouwer has crafted quite an unusual protagonist that I do not doubt I will endeavor to learn more about in the future books. It was a clean read and full of exciting happenings, mysterious organizations, and dreams of ruling.

Overall I enjoyed The Orphan King for the unusual skills the protagonist possessed and his unwavering dream of ruling. Recommended for ages thirteen and up.

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