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Friday, July 15, 2011

Corus the Champion by D. Barkley Briggs

Corus the Champion by D. Barkley Briggs is a book that has a history. A long painful history for readers waiting seemingly in vain for it to be published. Well last month, the wait ended. Returning to Karac Tor Mr. Briggs continues this fantasy epic.

 In Corus the Champion all four Barlow brothers are now involved in making the future of Karac Tor; and for Garret Barlow, literally making the future.  Unfortunately, the future is a precarious thing. Kr’Nunos in his many forms, is on the move after brooding for ages and the people are ripe for deception. The old cultic haunts have returned and blood sacrifices are allowing the Watches to regain flesh. While Nemesia may be gone, freeing her young hoard ,  Kr’Nunos is prepared to dominate the land with his own created beings, Quil.  And just when the need is greatest the missing champion Corus is prepared to turn his back on his quest to find the sleeping king—or kill him—after being beaten and starved in the bowels of the earth. In a story wrought with treachery, love, pain, honor, hope and despair; Mr. Briggs manages to write a fantasy reader’s masterpiece.

A champion who would not leave his chains, a great warrior king from another world, and a fey Queen who demands the highest price of freedom. Sacrifices are made, loyalties forged, and tears cried.
When final days- bring final woes
Doors shall open- doors shall close
Fate for one-For all unleashed
War of swords-Slay the beast

I very much enjoyed this book, even with it's heavy overtures.  I recommend The Book of Names and Corus the Champion to any fantasy lover. Can't wait for book #3.

Find it here and more fiction like it here


Creative Artist said...

I have yet to read this, but I have read The Book of Names and loved it. :D Can't wait for this book...


Jake said...

I loved the first one as well. Can't wait to read this one. :D

Millardthemk said...

Read it, buy it! Add this to your illustrious collections!