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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Man Called Outlaw

A Man Called Outlaw by K.M Weiland:

A cattle baron wants a ranch that has defied him for two generations. A man is torn between revering the man that raised him and turning his back on the heritage he knows, to forge a life of his own. A woman is being violently forced off her ranch but refuses to cave to the pressure. And generation ago a man named Andrew is about to face a ranching job that has already killed a man and his wife.

Thirty years earlier a man stood up against Wilcox and fought for honor, fought for truth and justice, that man died. ‘One man stood up unafraid.  One man fell alone. One Man’s courage became a legend.’

Shane Lassiter is stuck in the middle of a land war that has been going on for years, but it’s personal now. His boss, and father fill in, Major Wilcox wants Anna Cassidy’s ranch; and he’ll stop at nothing to have it.  Shane is tugged opposite directions by the domineering of the Major, and cold shoulder he’s justly receiving from Anna for taking part in the pillaging and illegal pressuring for her land. But can he just break ties with the man who made him a man? Can he step out from beyond the Major’s shadow and stand up to him? The pressure escalates and loyalties and forged and broken. Who will Shane chose?

A Man Called Outlaw is a bittersweet reading delight that any lover of historical fiction will adore. I recommend it without reserves to any reader. Two cautions though: The book is written in a somewhat slow winding fashion. There are bright flashes of rapid plot and action, but you won’t be sitting down and reading this book in an hour. Each chapter builds on itself as the story is told masterfully. Two, as many of the other reviewers have stated, the ending is sweet to the soul and painful to the heart; absolutely haunting in its realism and stunning in poetic beauty. Read it, love it, ache with it.

A Man Called Outlaw Kindle Edition is only .99 on amazon right now, check it out!  Check out Ms. Weiland's website here, and writing tips blog(well worth reading) here.

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