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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Radical Together, David Platt

Radical Together by David Platt:

I found Radical Together an extremely worthwhile read. Previously I had read Radical by David and had since looked forward to reading Radical Together. After letting the book lay fallow for several weeks, I cracked it open, and ended up finishing it in two sittings! I found it to be a stimulating read full of helpful anecdotes as well as sobering facts. If you read Radical Together thoughtfully, without at least being prompted to take inventory of your life, I submit you did not truly read it. It’s size was minorly less than Radical, only weighing in at 176 pages versus Radical’s 240. Radical Together dealt with the topic matter concisely and even perhaps, inspirationally. All in all, I recommend Radical Together without any reservations whatsoever. Will it be the best book you’ve ever read? Maybe, though probably not. But is it’s topic a worthy one and does the book cover it well? Absolutely.

Find it here and more books like it here


A.W. said...

Ah, Millard, it's so short. That doesn't tell me much about it other than it's a good book. Does he write about compassion in it?


Millardthemk said...

::smiles:: Yes we talked about it didn't we? ;-)

Compassion for the unsaved, yes, I'd say he does. Mobilizing the believers for discipleship and missions is a huge focus of the book.


A.W. said...

Aye, we did.

That's what I thought...have you ever heard of The Elephant Room?
Sounds like a random question, I know, but David Platt was in those.