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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fight of Our Lives -Bennet and Leibsohn

When I finished The Fight of Our lives I had to take a moment and reflect on the book. It truly has been viewpoint changing. It was not so much of a revelation for me as a reiteration of things I already believed but now with facts to back them up. I was very pleased that the book wasn’t packed with rhetoric in the least, nor was it a “shock” read; instead it was a logical delineation of  cultural trends, Islam, and our response to Islam and the terrorism that reaches our shores. The book did an excellent job citing a variety of sources as well as quoting informed/well known public figures. This backbone of quotes and professional opinions added hugely to the credibility of the book as well as driving home the sobering message the book brought. The Fight of Our lives did not mince words nor did it seek to smear anyone or anything. Instead in a very candid way it removed the emotional opinions and rhetoric on both sides of the issues it addressed and level headedly laid down the truth of the matter.  I am very glad I read the book, and it unlike most books on my bookshelf, will no doubt be read twice.


Anonymous said...

Nice review. So often things are not balanced in regards to Islam, but based more on the emotion surrounding this issue. Thanks for the info!

Millardthemk said...

My pleasure Anon! I hope you get a chance to experience the book first hand! :D

everlastingscribe said...

Cool! There's an awesome book too Millard-Man if you're interested in the topic: From Jihad to Jesus. The author is amazing because he left Islam and he takes the time to point out the serious problems with the Koran. He picks it apart from a scholar's point of view, and a once-I-lived-this-way perspective as well. Another amazing book is "Once an Arafat Man" which just blows me away every time I read it. The author has an organization called "Hope for Ishmael" and it is really awesome too!

Millardthemk said...

Thank you Oh Scribetator! I will look at both of them! Excellent comment and a good heads up. :D

Jake said...

Hmmm...I'll have to look into this one, I suppose, seeing your review of it. I wasn't going to get it (since it seemed rather like a get-Islam-or-else-it-gets-us sort of book). The subtitle ("Knowing the Enemy, Speaking the Truth, and Choosing to Win the War Against Radical Islam") was what had decided it for me.

However, do you think it is good enough for me to get from Booksneeze? I'm really not interested in a book that wants to war against Islam--is it that sort of book? :P

Millardthemk said...

Yes, we do have different views on this--but I still recommend it.

The book is not focusing on Going out and getting or killing. Instead it is focusing on not losing the fight in the realm of "ideas". It's a mix definitely, but I felt like it was the "ideas" that powered it.

Raora said...

Sounds interesting. I may need to look into that. America is SO blind concerning Islam. Most people just have no idea what is really going on, and don't have any understanding of the driving ideology behind Islam. History repeats itself. They are so far from comprehending the mindset of the Middle East. We're definitely doing this all wrong.

Didn't know you had a blog. Looks like you've got some neat stuff on here. (Have finally decided to give Wayne Batson a chance. =) Starting with the first Door Within. I don't remember if you liked that one or not. Is it good?)


Millardthemk said...

Hey there! Yes, there is an incredibly amount of propaganda pushed by both sides--and the truth is losing :(

Yes, I have a blog.(states obvious) Thank you! I hope you enjoy it :D Wayne's stuff is definitely a fantasy classic. Though for him, I believe his pirate books were best. Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire Respetively.

I have a huge list of books I'd recommend so if you start looking for other stuff I have everything from Speculative Fiction, to Biblical "spoof" fiction(not as in a fun spoof, but just retelling things), to Spiritual thriller/and/or Suspense, to.....even a few westerns! And of course, fantasy :)

All from a Christian worldview! :D

Raora said...

Finished the Door Within. I liked his imagery and the way he did some of his description, and the Alleble-related-to-Earth idea was neat and had potential. The book was so short, though, (close to 80,000, if I was guessing) that I felt like we just rushed through it, and there was little development of characters, places, and ideas, and not enough depth.

=) I'm sure you do have a list. At present I do too - in fact I'm swamped lol. If I find any gaps in my library (in which contemporary fantasy is unfortunately short to non-existent right now - though I am working through a lot of Arthurian/Welsh mythology) I will come back for a list. :) Btw, did you like Bryan Davis' 'Raising Dragons'?

Millardthemk said...

Oh goodness!!! I wish I had a list of books that was too long! ;)

I found them pretty good morally, storywise a fun read. However, the style was hard for me to get into and I feel like I'm past the age it was for.

Raora said...

Yeah, pretty much the same here. A little weak.

Haha, if you need books to read, I can recommend LOTS! =)