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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Personifid Invasion R.E. Bartlett

[The Personified Invasion by R.E. Barlett]

In, The Personifid Invasion, the world has advanced long past using real bodies-- at least, most of it has. Intraterrestrials, or Inters for short walk the streets. They claim to bring higher knowledge and all good things to the backward civilizations on earth. They claim that religion and worship are chains that bind and that you must move beyond them. They claim to be a higher life form.  Emotional and physical suppressant and inflation patches, are common play for those that still have real bodies. If you need more strength? Tranquility? Peace? Just slap on the patch. Nevertheless, most have become personified, having their soul transferred to a fake body leaving themselves behind. You can look like anything you want, never really become hungry, hot, cold, it’s perfect—isn’t it? ‘The Followers’ believe that the Inters aren’t as harmless at they appear and that they are really here to hurt and destroy, could they be right? Could there really be a brooding menace lurking past the beautiful fa├žade?

The Personifid invasion, at least to me, embodies Christian speculative fiction. The writing delves into subjects long spurned or forgotten previously and masterfully brings them into connection with the spiritual side of life. I’m naturally skeptical with any book that deals with something akin to aliens…but this book blew that away. At first with a few character names like Antha,and Anphra I worried about telling them apart. But once the story started, no need! Yikes! Mr. Bartlett made a real futuristic spell binder complete with characters that are real enough to meet, a setting and plot that will have me dreaming the rest of the day, and some food for thought that will stay with me. Five out of five stars for this book, it truly is, Speculative Fiction to the max!

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